Hamilton Lakes Playground Stonefields Playtime Park, Mt Wellington Infilling process
An amazing new artificial rugby turf and multi-use facility replaced the existing natural grass surface, making for a cancellation free winter in 2013 and many years ahead. Following removal of the existing natural grass, the base was stabilised and a network on sub soil drains were installed. The final basecourse was laser levelled ready for installation of our 23mm recycled foam underlay. Our latest Hybrid 60 surface was installed, linemarked and sand and rubber infill followed using our new SMG Sandmatic machine. The end result is an amazing new sports facility that will no doubt get plenty of use over the coming winter months and the years ahead. School Reference "I wish to thank you for the outstanding job you have done for King's School with the recent addition to our sports surface. Throughout the process I have valued your professional approach to the project. Your understanding of the product and the way in which schools work could not be faulted. The professional service you and TEAM Sports provided, along with the final product , exceeded my expectations." Tony Sissons, Headmaster
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