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TEAM Sports is proud to be considered a leading supplier of hockey fields in Australia and has now extended our offering to the New Zealand hockey community. Due to long term relationships with our raw material suppliers, we continue to work on product development that allows us to ensure long-term success for our hockey customers.

We have an innovative range of FIH approved hockey surfaces to suit the requirements of our clients, varying from 'wet' fields to sand dressed surfaces with in-situ laid shock absorbance pads. Our sand, water and waterless/dry based systems have been tested and receive accreditation by the FIH (Federation International Hockey).

TEAM Sports FIH approved synthetic hockey surfaces:

  1. TEAM Aquaturf - GLOBAL (WET & DRY)
  2. Aquaturf Evolution - GLOBAL (WET & DRY)
  3. Aquaturf SL - GLOBAL (WET/DRY)
  4. Aquaturf XL - GLOBAL (WET)

TEAM Sports performance objectives include the highest levels of player enjoyment, safety, comfort, durability and extended use in adverse weather conditions. Hockey fields demand the most in terms of absolute perfection in installation, and it is our commitment to excellence in this area that allows us to maintain our premier status amongst the Hockey fraternity.

Aquaturf Evolution - pile height 12mm

Evolution is the latest synthetic hockey surface developed by TEAM Sports to achieve Class One, Global pitch rating when either WET or DRY. Evolving from our successful Aquaturf SL (sand dressed) synthetic hockey surface.

Launched in 2005, Aquaturf Evolution is designed using a polyethelene yarn with it's own unique polymer formulation and fibrillation pattern to improve playability and increase durability whilst offering improved ball roll, friction and turf abrasion when played on in a dry state. 


Aquaturf SL - pile height 20mm 

Aquaturf Sl was first developed in 2005 when FIH began its' investigations into the possibility of a water-free synthetic turf for top level hockey.

Research and development in yarn construction lead to the manufacture of polyethylene  'springlock' technology; which combines to provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly surface solution suitable for play in WET or DRY conditions.

Aquaturf SL is 'the' versatile product; ideal for multi-sport applications for those clubs looking to increase their revenue.


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